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Resident Evil Film

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Resident Evil Film

Es ist ein Film zum Video Spiel, das verheißt normalerweise nichts gutes - Resident Evil ist eine Ausnahme! Die Story ist okay, die Kulissen und Schauspieler. Alice (Milla Jovovich) und Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) führen ein Kommando-​Team in den „Hive“, eine riesige Genforschungsfabrik, in der eine Stunde. Suchergebnis auf für: resident evil film. Resident Evil: Afterlife. | Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren. 4,6 von 5 Resident Evil komplett Set (​FSK 18) - Deutsche Originalware [6 Blu-rays]. 4,8 von 5 Resident Evil: Retribution Resident Evil: Apocalypse Resident Evil: Extinction.

Resident Evil (Realfilmreihe)

Suchergebnis auf für: resident evil film. Resident Evil: Afterlife. | Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren. 4,6 von 5 Resident Evil komplett Set (​FSK 18) - Deutsche Originalware [6 Blu-rays]. 4,8 von 5 Resident Evil: Retribution Resident Evil: Apocalypse Resident Evil: Extinction. Alice (Milla Jovovich) und Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) führen ein Kommando-​Team in den „Hive“, eine riesige Genforschungsfabrik, in der eine Stunde. Resident Evil: Retribution. Resident Evil: Afterlife ist der vierte Teil der Realfilmreihe Resident Evil, die auf Dann setzt die eigentliche Handlung ein, die ein Jahr nach dem Vorgänger Resident Evil: Extinction Im Nachspann stellt sich heraus, dass sich an Bord Soldaten unter Führung der aus Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

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The Chicago Tribune. B [64]. Sign In. Richard Aiken War for the Planet of the Apes Crew: Who's making Resident Evil A look at the Resident Evil behind-the-scenes crew and production team.

Zum einen die schon bekannte und bereits Ganzer Film produzierte Now You See Me 1 of the Dead von Roy Frumkes. - Das könnte dich auch interessieren

Niven Howie. Vorgemerkte Filme, die noch rauskommen! Der an der Filmproduktion als geschäftsführender Produzent beteiligte Videospiel-Entwickler Yoshiki Okamoto stellte jedoch in einem Interview gegenüber dem Magazin Electronic Gaming Monthly klar, dass Romeros Drehbuch schlicht schlecht war und er deswegen gefeuert wurde. Allerdings wurde Angela kurz nach ihrer Abholung in einen Unfall verwickelt und trotz der Bitten ihres Vaters in der Stadt zurückgelassen. Diskutiere mit uns über aktuelle Kinostarts, deine Lieblingsserien und Filme, auf die du sehnlichst wartest — auf Beste Spionagefilme und Facebook.
Resident Evil Film The novel for the first film, titled Resident Evil: Genesis, was published over two years after that film's release, while the Extinction novel was released in late July , two months before the film's release. There was also a Japanese novelization of the first film, unrelated to DeCandido's version, written by Osamu Makino. Resident Evil in US theaters September 9, starring Kaya Scodelario, Hannah John-Kamen, Neal McDonough, Tom Hopper. A special military unit fights a powerful, out-of-control supercomputer and hundreds of scientists who have mutated into flesh-eating creatu. Resident Evil is an upcoming German-American survival horror film directed by Johannes Roberts and written by Roberts and Greg Russo. Serving as a reboot of the Resident Evil film series, which is based on the video game series of the same name, the film stars Kaya Scodelario, Robbie Amell, Hannah John-Kamen, Avan Jogia, Tom Hopper, Lily Gao, Neal McDonough, and Donal Logue. Director Paul W.S. Anderson makes a fast, dark guilty pleasure of a film from this game with "Resident Evil". Milla Jovovich is Alice, who wakes up in a creepy, poorly lit mansion at night in a remote forest. The first Resident Evil film series starring Milla Jovovich lasted for a good fourteen years spanning six films. While this series raked in the cash, fans of the video game series it was based on.
Resident Evil Film

Acteurs et actrices. Milla Jovovich. Eric Mabius. Michelle Rodriguez. James Purefoy. Critiques Presse.

Critiques Spectateurs. Lire plus. Ewen Blake. Mila balade ses longues jambes et son regard ahuri 1h30 durant dans des couloirs clos et lait. Anderson alliant le fantastique, la S.

J'ai vu le 3 en premier dans la saga. PLAY DATA A free web service linked with supported games to enhance the Resident Evil experience.

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List of media. Resident Evil 2 3: Nemesis Code: Veronica Zero 4 5 6 7: Biohazard Village. Resident Evil 2 3. Survivor Survivor 2 — Code: Veronica Dead Aim.

Outbreak File 2. The Umbrella Chronicles The Darkside Chronicles. Revelations Revelations 2. Gaiden The Mercenaries 3D Operation Raccoon City Umbrella Corps Resistance RE:Verse Mobile games.

Resident Evil Apocalypse Extinction Afterlife Retribution The Final Chapter Resident Evil Biohazard 4D-Executer Degeneration Damnation Vendetta.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness. Ada Wong Albert Wesker Chris Redfield Claire Redfield Film characters Alice Jill Valentine Lady Dimitrescu Leon S.

Kennedy Licker Nemesis Rebecca Chambers Sheva Alomar Tyrant Zombie dog. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Ultimate Marvel vs.

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As they drive away, the Umbrella logo flashes in Alice's eyes and Isaacs states "Program ALICE Activated".

In November , Screen Gems gained the rights for the third installment in the franchise, which was then subtitled Extinction.

Russell Mulcahy was the director. The film was released on September 21, In the film, the world has been consumed by the T-Virus and Umbrella Corporation develops clones of Alice in the hope of finding one who displays Alice's powers.

Elsewhere, Claire Redfield leads a convoy of survivors across the Nevada desert, including Raccoon City survivors Carlos Olivera and L.

Alice roams the country alone, staying off the grid. When Alice arrives at their position she rescues them from a mob of attacking crows using her special telekinetic powers.

The convoy, along with Alice, heads to Las Vegas to gather supplies so that they can reach Alaska in an effort to get to a place called Arcadia, which is thought to be a safe haven.

While there, they are ambushed by a group of Umbrella Corporation's new super zombies created by Dr. Alexander Isaacs, which kill most of the convoy.

Isaacs himself is bitten and in an effort to cure himself he injects himself with large doses of the anti-virus, which causes him to transform into a Tyrant , a towering creature with regenerative ability and psionic psychic powers similar to Alice's.

Alice, Claire and Carlos then locate a helicopter in Umbrella base and plan to use it for extraction of the survivors to Alaska.

Olivera makes his last stand by sacrificing himself and plowing his truck into a horde of zombies, giving the rest some time to load the survivors into the helicopter.

Claire and the remaining survivors head towards Alaska, while Alice stays behind to confront Isaacs.

While searching the facility for Isaacs, she discovers that she was cloned. After Alice defeats Isaacs, she contacts Umbrella and warns them that she is coming for them and that she will be bringing "friends" with her to fight them.

Before the third installment had been released, Constantin prepared to release a fourth entry. Set after the events of Extinction , Alice and her clones attack the Umbrella Headquarters in Tokyo.

Wesker escapes and destroys the facility, killing the clones. Wesker is confronted by Alice aboard his helicopter. He injects Alice with a serum that removes her super-human abilities.

The helicopter crashes, and only Alice is seen emerging from the rubble. After six months of a failed aerial search for other survivors, Alice heads toward the supposed location of Arcadia.

She lands on an airfield in Alaska, where she finds Claire in a different state. Claire has an Umbrella controlling device attached to her chest and her memory has been wiped.

Claire and Alice fly to Los Angeles , where they stumble on a prison wherein they meet Luther West and Chris Redfield , Claire's brother. The survivors explain that Arcadia is really a tanker off the coast that has been broadcasting a looped message and is picking up survivors.

During an attempted escape, Alice, Claire and Chris are the only ones to emerge and they reach the tanker only to find it abandoned.

Claire's memory begins to return when she remembers Umbrella workers attacking her group of survivors and moving them to the tanker.

They learn that the ship is an Umbrella research facility, which is conducting experiments on the survivors. The three then meet Wesker, who has been granted super-human abilities due to the T-Virus.

After the fight, Alice transmits a message to survivors calling them to the tanker and hopes to create a new and true safe haven.

As the film closes, a fleet of Umbrella Corporation gunships led by Valentine prepares to lead an assault on the survivors. Written and directed by Anderson, Retribution was planned to be filmed back to back with the sixth installment, but Anderson decided to focus on the fifth film.

Three characters from the video games made their debut in the film series, Johann Urb as Leon S. Kennedy , Kevin Durand as Barry Burton , and Li Bingbing as Ada Wong.

In the film, Alice awakens in an Umbrella base where she is interrogated by Valentine. During a power failure orchestrated by Ada Wong, Alice escapes from her cell and encounters her.

Wong explains that Wesker plans to aid Alice's escape and battle the base's supercomputer Red Queen, in order to save what's left of mankind.

Wesker has organized a team of freelance operatives to infiltrate the base and help Alice and Ada escape, including Leon S. Kennedy, Barry Burton, and Luther West.

Along the way, Alice finds a clone of a girl named Becky. They also face clone versions of Carlos Olivera, One, and Rain Ocampo, who are all under the direction of Valentine.

After Alice meets up with the rescue team, Valentine's soldiers catch up to them, resulting in a shootout that kills Burton, Olivera and One.

Alice, West, Kennedy, and Becky reach the surface and are met by a submarine, from which Valentine, the clone Rain, and a captured Ada emerge.

With new orders from the Red Queen to kill Alice, Valentine battles Alice while Rain fights Kennedy and West. Alice manages to remove the scarab device from Valentine, returning her back to normal.

Alice joins Kennedy in defeating Rain. Alice, Ada, Becky, Leon, and Valentine travel to Wesker's base.

Wesker injects Alice with the T-virus, returning her former superhuman powers in order to enact his plan, then tells her that she is responsible for saving the remaining humans from extinction.

Anderson wrote and directed the sixth and final film in the series, subtitled The Final Chapter , which was filmed in 2D and was post-converted to stereoscopic 3D.

Isaacs and Claire Redfield, respectively. Continuing from the last film, Anderson expressed his desire for the final film to "come full circle", bringing back characters, themes and the environment of the Hive from the first movie.

Principal photography commenced on September 18, in South Africa. Picking up three weeks after the events in Resident Evil: Retribution , humanity is on its last legs after Alice is betrayed by Wesker in Washington D.

Alice encounters the Red Queen, who tells her that she must return to where the nightmare began — Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation has developed an airborne anti-virus which will kill every organism infected by the T-virus.

In a race against time, Alice is captured by Dr. Isaacs, long thought to be dead, who reveals that the previous incarnation was a clone.

Alice escapes and arrives first in Raccoon City, where she joins forces with Claire Redfield. After holding off Dr. Isaacs' undead army, Alice, Claire and a team of survivors make their way towards the Hive.

They again encounter the Red Queen, who tells them the origins of the T-virus: it was created by James Marcus, the founder of the Umbrella Corporation to save his daughter, Alicia, from an ailment that caused her to age rapidly.

James was betrayed by his business partner, Dr. Isaacs, and killed by Albert Wesker. Isaacs and the board of the Umbrella Corporation then intended to release the T-virus on purpose in order to cleanse the world, save the rich and powerful with cryogenics in The Hive, and later rebuild it as they desire.

After confronting Wesker and the real Dr. Isaacs at the bottom of the Hive, Alice also learns her own true nature: she is a clone of the still-living Alicia Marcus, who was unable to live a normal life due to her condition.

Isaacs clone brought the army of undead towards Alice and the real Dr. Isaacs' clone could not believe that he was a clone and stabbed the real Dr.

Isaacs to death. Alice then releases the anti-virus, eliminating all infected by the T-virus. Alice survives, and gains the memories of Alicia Marcus as a reward in order to reclaim the childhood she never had.

The series ends with Alice riding a motorcycle to New York City and places unknown while being chased by huge flying BOW's bio organic weapons , stating that her job isn't finished yet and that it will take several years for the anti-virus to circle the globe.

The film was released on December 23, in Tokyo and on January 27, in North America. In May , Constantin chairman Martin Moszkowicz said that a reboot of the series was in development.

In the same month, it was announced that James Wan would produce the reboot with a script by Greg Russo. In August , The Level Unlocked Podcast first broke the news of the movie being developed and informed everyone using Screen Rant that the reboot would be "super, super scary" and more faithful to the games.

Kennedy, and The Illuminerdi also reported that Hannah John-Kamen is being offered the role of Jill Valentine. Kennedy and William Birkin.

The reboot will also be an origin story and will be set in The film will be released theatrically on September 9, With the exception of the first entry and The Final Chapter , all films opened at number one at the North American box office.

The series holds the record for the "most live-action film adaptations of a video game" in the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition. The first, third, and sixth film received mixed reviews from critics, while the second, fourth and fifth films were received more negatively.

The series was criticized for its unrestrained use of violence, cliffhanger endings and habit of abandoning established characters without explaining what happened to them.

However, The Chicago Tribune declared the first film as "one of the few video game movies to truly re-create the gaming experience" [75] and The Austin Chronicle calling it "an absolute wreck.

But what an ambitiously mind-blowing wreck it is, bursting with dazzlingly sordid cinematography".

Anderson makes particular use of sets and locations to wring out more bang for the stereoscopic buck. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has released all six films on DVD , Blu-ray , and digital download.

The films were also released in DVD and Blu-ray box sets :. The novelizations for the first three Resident Evil films were written by Keith R.

Resident Evil ist eine Science-Fiction-Action-Horror-Realfilmreihe, die auf der gleichnamigen Videospielreihe basiert. Die Reihe enthält sechs Teile, von denen der erste und der letzte erschien. Ein Neustart der Reihe wurde im Mai Resident Evil (deutsch Ansässiges Böses) ist eine Science-Fiction-Action-Horror-​Realfilmreihe, Resident Evil; Resident Evil: Apocalypse; Resident Evil: Extinction; Resident Evil: Afterlife; Resident Evil: Retribution; Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. 3 Produktion. Entstehung; Darsteller. Resident Evil ist ein Sci-Fi-Action-Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr von Paul W. S. Anderson mit Milla Jovovich in der Hauptrolle. Der Realfilm basiert auf der gleichnamigen Videospielreihe. Die Realfilmreihe brachte fünf Fortsetzungen hervor: Resident Evil: Apocalypse Resident Evil: Afterlife (), Resident Evil: Retribution () und Resident. Die Film-Reihe beginnt mit dem ersten Film Resident Evil (, weitere Fortsetzungen lauten Resident Evil: Extinction (, Regie: Russell Mulcahy), Resident Evil: Afterlife (), Resident Evil: Retribution. RESIDENT EVIL Portal. Introducing the new RESIDENT EVIL PORTAL site, coming early ! >. Resident Evil: Extinction s'aventure loin des jeux vidéos, avec une aventure dans les déserts américains, où Alice (Milla Jovovich) tente de survivre. Claire Redfield et Albert Wesker, personnages majeurs dans les jeux, débarquent, interprétés par Ali Larter et Jason O'Mara. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness () Resident Evil: Vendeta () Resident Evil: Poslední kapitola () Resident Evil: Zatracení () Resident Evil: Odveta () Resident Evil: First Hour (TV seriál) () Resident Evil: Afterlife () Resident Evil: Rozklad () Resident Evil: Zánik () Resident Evil: Apokalypsa ( 69%().
Resident Evil Film
Resident Evil Film Metacritic Reviews. Claire and the remaining survivors head towards Alaska, while Alice stays behind to confront Isaacs. This movie successfully recreated the Friday Night Lights Stream of the game, and because it kept exposition to a minimum of what you needed to know for this particular story and didn't borrow from or revise any of the original characters or settings, it Captain America Filmreihe and strengthened the franchise. Resident Evil. Get the most out of your experience by personalizing your profile page! Resident Evil by Capcom. On their way to rescue Angela, Nemesis attacks the team after it is commanded by Cain to kill all STARS members. Resident Evil Bande-annonce Wie Gewonnen So Zerronnen. InScreen Gems acquired distribution rights and hired Paul W. Retrieved September 7, Archived from the original on December 20, Counting Down. Authority control BNF : cbs data. Nine out Hangover 2 Movie2k every ten Crank 3 Stream Deutsch contain its products.
Resident Evil Film

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